Customer Care

Customer Care

Customer Care is a dedicated service which is based on customer interaction management, taking care of requested information, complaints or requests for support or assistance. Through the CRM system, all observations and recommendations of the customers are managed by a dedicated team, conducting quality services, which offer reliable solutions in a short period of time.


    “Technical Assistance Service”

The first level of support involves solving common problems, the most frequent in everyday use, regarding the utilization of the various equipment and software.

Second level support deals with more complex calls transferred from the first level, which require expertise in different fields: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Networking etc.

  • Orderline
    “It allows taking telephonic orders.”
  • Infoline
    “Dedicated telephone line of providing specific information.”
  • Hotline
    “Active phone line 24/24 used to signal different situations, problems, emergencies.”