HHRR Liliana Pastragus

After my coming back home from Italy where I lived for a long time, I can say I learned to live again in Romania through Open Mind, an Italian call center. Ironic, isn’t it? I am happy that I could integrate in this team and that my creativity, my passion for communication and my experience as a teacher have been reflected in the work accomplished so far, which can only make me very proud. It is a job that rewards my quite exigent vocational expectations, where I learned that I can do the impossible, where by constantly pushing my limits I realized who I am and what I can do for myself and for others. This is the workplace where I feel I need to be!

I want to improve my professional performances with Open Mind and in this way to contribute to the development of this company from all points of view. I want to always come to work with pleasure and feel that through my work here I do something useful, that is understood and appreciated.